Our Intention for this Event:

 We invite you to Join our wonderful team of presenters for this high frequency and inspired journey.

It is our intention through this experience for you to embrace a more joyful and inspired evolution into the New Earth, Unity and 5D consciousness. We celebrate you by offering uplifting, high vibration transformational tools.

Here’s what you will experience:

  • Lord Buddha shares a Download of Your Divine Plan for the year.
  • Divine Mother Activation
  • Unity & the Living Library of Gaia
  • Buddha’s 5D Vision of New Earth
  • Ascension Fire Healing – Transporting You to Cosmic Consciousness
  • Stepping into 5D Consciousness
  • A Variety of Celestial Joyful Music
  • Actualizing the Wisdom, Power, and Love of the Three-Fold Flame

Pricing: $88.00/ whether you are attending In-person or Virtually/Online.   All receive access to the event replay. 

Main Event Location: Jefferson Center of the Arts, 1124 Pine Grove Dr, Mount Shasta, CA or Online

Saturday Evening Kirtan: 508 Chestnut Dr, Mount Shasta

If you have questions please Contact Us Here.
Tree with heart shaped roots

The Wesak Festival and Unity Celebration has been a long-standing tradition at Mt Shasta. Lord Buddha’s desire was to celebrate unity, goodwill, and oneness for all life on planet Earth. Our wonderful presenters all have enormous gifts of wisdom that they love sharing with the intention of bringing everyone and everything into a greater flow of Unity, Love & Harmony as we enter the 5th dimension and the permanent 7th Golden Age.

By attending, you may experience and receive the following:

  • Transformational healing techniques
  • A deeper connection to the fullness of you and your Divine Self
  • Unique 5D tools to support your Ascension process
  • Greater awareness of how the Company of Heaven and Galactic Realms support you
  • The power of your ability to heal yourself
  • The upgraded Sacred Divine Feminine & Masculine energies for the New Earth
  • ... and more

This event will be held at the Jefferson Center for the Arts at 1124 Pine Grove Dr Mt. Shasta, CA.     For more information contact us at