OPHELIA, The Mystic Muse

Life Alchemy Coach & Facilitator, Medicine Woman/Nemenhah & Spiritual Guide

Artist, Writer, Creative Visionary, Private/Phone Consultations available

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TO KNOW THYSELF is to EMBODY the BELIEF in WHO YOU TRULY ARE, every day, in every cell and action. 

Life is an incredible journey, although for some it is short and others far longer. Why, we do not know what ours will be! 

I have learned through the years that every experience and person in this lifetime, (and before) from birth to now, are and have been important in shaping, honing, forming, and evolving Who I Am, now.  For each one of you, it is the same, yet perhaps not clear. 

In this presentation I will and hope to reveal how and what I have learned, their impact, pieces that feel important, along with tools you can use, if desired, to discover YOU also. 

Through the theme of UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, ONENESS and the AGE OF AQUARIUS, I will show, demonstrate and reveal perspectives, ideas and realities, in real time of EMBODYING DIVINITY in today’s crazy world.  

Interactive, engaging all, and most of all…..being guided by the Celestials, Guides, and Presence's of Mount Shasta…..the Divine holder of the Root Chakra of Planet Earth.