Michael Purity ~ Ascension NOW!

Name of Presentation: The Power of the Living Christ through the Spoken Word, – Activating Divine Density for the benefit of All Life.

Bio: The Power of Light. Spoken Word veteran, leading daily Spoken Word Decrees Services since 2008 for a movement sponsored by the Ascended Hosts, the True Teachers of humanity, to alleviate suffering through the invoking of the sacred flames, the transformation of the old sense of identity to the Awakened and demonstrating the power of Life in the Christ Consciousness.

Having been a student of the Ascended Masters and a teacher of the Power of the Spoken Word – Michael is on the pathway of Mastery of the art of Spiritual Protection through the Right Intention, coupled with the Command of Light and the Spoken Word Decrees.

Spiritual Protection in alignment with God’s Will can help the reawakening of the Divine Centers in one’s personal experience and extend to entire populations to hold the balance. Civilizations must move from dark to Light and the Power of the Spoken Word is the ultimate roto-rooter to enable the Mercy and Grace of the Light to Clean, Clear and Act.

To be wise as serpents and harmless as doves was the original command and therefore, understanding the Shadow energies has been a critical piece of the Mission. To learn to Call to Light to defend the innocent and raise the Wise within all of us is key. To ignore the shadow and focus on positive intention alone, has not resulted in the coming forth of the Kingdom of Heaven. Michael carries the positive and Victorious Christ Consciousness focus while getting to the route of the challenge to bring illumination and transform the cause and core.

The removal of the forces of darkness is not a guarantee, rather, it requires those who are willing to make the Command thus ending the tyranny of the human ego’s reign within the soul matrix of the individualized Sons and Daughters of God.

Michael presents a fun, well balanced, integrated approach to taking the Middle Way to attain personal, national and realm wide Freedom. Let there BE Light!

A Bit More About Michael’s Presentation