Bennett Gale

Bennett Gale


I am an archetypal embodiment of Theater, Writing, and the Healing Arts. As a very young child, my path was delineated when Jesus appeared to me in a vision, anchoring in my soul's covenant to coalesce all my life-streams and utilize my cumulative experience to assist others in their journey to Freedom and living in Unconditional Love. Since that time, I have been in constant communication with my spiritual family, most notably, St. Germain and Jesus.

As a professional actor, speaker, and teacher engaging with tens of thousands of individuals from ages 10 to 80+, the comparisons between the craft of acting and the everyday activities of most people were too obvious to ignore. My guidance has shown me a path to movement beyond the constraints of our Mass Consciousness Matrix into limitless potential.

          My passion for theater goes beyond the usual concept of performance. Understanding its potential for deep healing, creativity, and joy, I am a guide for quantum awareness and 5-D living, utilizing the extraordinary potential of the craft as an exploratory tool for expanding beyond the limitations of this finite 3-D reality.  


Pressentations & Offerings

 I will be speaking on Unity Consciousness: Freedom & the Myth of Separation, as well as the Law of Paradox, and how we can learn about ourselves by ‘being someone else!’


Twin Flame Co-Host with Son’Yah at New Earth Cooperative for Quantum Mediation for Global Ascension.

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