The Great Invocation ~ Focusing On Unity

Tree with heart shaped roots

The Great Invocation Upgrade

From the point of Light within the Divine Mind of God
Let Light Stream Forth Into the minds of all of Humankind.
From the point of Love within the Sacred Heart of God
Let Love stream forth into the Hearts of All of Life
From the center known as the Divine Will of God
Let Love, Light, Power and Illumined Truth
fill every cell, every molecule our Beings.
Through Reverence and Grace let us Restore and Actualize
the Divine Plan and the Immaculate Concept Blueprint of Eden
on and within Mother Earth, Gaia, Terra Christa, and all Life upon and within her.
And may God/Goddess/Mother/Father/God/All That Is
permanently transmute and dissolve the entire illusion of separation,
transfiguring all its energy back into Love, Light, Oneness throughout all space and time into eternity …
 Raising all of Life once again into Unity and into the Unified Field of Creation,
which is all of Life’s Divine natural state of expression.
So Be It! It Is So Done! So Mote It Be!
Almighty Christ I Am.
May All Life Be Blessed.
Namaste. Adonai. Om Shanti.
~ Received by Emmaray Kumara as part of the CoCreation Unity Invocation & Meditation



Wesak Message from Gautama Buddha

Gautama Buddha

Beloved Ones, I call you from my heart and draw you to the Wesak Valley for this special Celebration. If you wish to experience this moment (etherically) and receive the beautiful direct transmission of the highest yearly release of energy for your Divine Mission, we invite you to join us for the Mount Shasta Wesak & Festival of Unity this upcoming May 24 & 25TH 2024.

To allow greater Presence, you can be either in-person or online through our webinar.  The program will build a collective momentum throughout the day, culminating with an etheric trip to the Wesak Valley in the Himalayas to experience the descent of myself, Lord Buddha, at the time of the full moon in May. Lightworkers gather from all traditions across the planet for this special moment to see the descent of Lord Buddha and to receive the transference of the highest yearly release of energy to the assembled Masters, gurus and teachers to be passed to their ashrams and the Lightworkers around the world.

That which can be experienced and integrated during this time within a group field is greater than that which can be done on one’s own. Special gifts and empowerments are being created now to share with all who attend.

We invite you to examine your heart to know if this is your time and place to receive these Wesak Blessings. Namaste.

~ Received by Mikaelah Cordeo